The Rise


One of the best parts of this gig is that you never know what you’re gonna get! Adventuring and exploring is fun work, but when you go to a place you thought you knew, and are surprised, well then that’s a whole different gust-ball game!

So there I was, checking out the Veridantis Mines and low and behold I ran into a door I never saw before! Now I hadn’t been in the mines before, but I believe the Britannia Mining Company has a format for mines that looks awfully familiar at times. (Maybe it’s just me, when you spend your time mapping the underground it starts to look the same) Anyway, so what do I do? I open the door and find myself in the awesomely complex place called “The Rise!”

I’m not sure exactly what them elves are up to in there, but it does involve a very unfriendly Dragon! Be wary of The Pit as well, there aren’t any hand rails on the walkways and it can be a long way down!

The Rise Map 1:


The Rise Map 2:


The Rise Map 3:




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