The Tale of One Mine…I mean two…wait Four

I’m a simple man, and enjoy the simple things like finding a good vein of ore and digging it out. Something honest about just using manly strength to extract resources from the ground and then later purify them into something useful. Many have felt this call, and, many like me, only do this part time. I’m no full time miner, but as you know, I spend a lot of time in the darkness and sometimes you see something that catches your eye and you want to take some home! (Those who frequent Silus McCabes Tavern may know what I’m talking about)

That’s where this post comes from. The Graff Family may have done some digging prior to digging Graff Gem Mines, or maybe it was the Britainnian Mining Company again, but they have a standard dig plan. That makes it much easier to get around the mines, so that I could probably take off my glow in the dark helm and go in blind. If it weren’t for those baddies that also like this layout, I would. I finally hit up one or four mines in Novia, and now share the maps of all!

Good Ole Graff Gem Mines, Updated:

Graff-Gem-Mines v20

Serpent Spine Mines:


Verdantis Mines:


Elysium Mines: Seems to be more dangerous but more profitable




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