Questing for Love in all the Wrong Places Part III


So I got to go home again before I hit up the next part of this quest. I told my Spirit Guide that I would meet Him in Malice. I luckily met a nice undertaker fellah, who obviously could smell death on me and we worked something out for him to give me a key to some door I needed. Wouldn’t you know it, more Spiders. Give me a hoard of undead over spiders! Luckily they didn’t infest the entire area.

I’ll be honest, I may have hit a wall. I was able to get into Malice, learn why my Spirit Talker was angsty and junk, and thought that was enough to go put to crush an old dead turd. Nope! Not today, so I got to check some creepy stuff out. The problem with the undead and spiders, is they don’t let living add to their numbers or food. So I only go so far, but I thought I’d post what I had, and maybe you’ll be able to help me out.




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