Questing for Love in all the Wrong Places Part I

Howdy All!

So I heard Ardoris was the City of Love, and having tromped around their sewers before, thought, to my self, “You know Spero, you might make some friends up there.” So I was pointed in the direction of the Head Cat, who has some problem with his gal. She supposedly likes talking to the dead, moreso than chatting with her man. As you can imagine, I felt for the guy, so I got pointed in the direction of some Spirit Talkers to help him and her out. (I mean I’m a sucker for a good love story, and wanted to help theirs come true)

So flash forward and there I was, no sh!~~, knee deep in undead in the Necropolis…and spiders! I mean not even the undead and elementals go near them! Dang! I hate’em! Webs get in your armor, and a light breeze comes up from behind and some forgotten strand blows in your face, usually in your mouth, and you want to run like a little girl away spitting and junk. (Ok, I may be traumatized at this point) Anyway, so I got the chance to talk to this nice undead fella, who pointed me and my spirit talker in the right direction. I asked if I could check out his chambers, but I think he’s one of those dirty birds whose mom didn’t make him clean up his room. So I couldn’t get there to check it out, or some of the other areas, but maybe if I complete this quest, he’ll be more open.

Here’s the Map of the Necropolis:



We got some info that pointed us in a new direction, looks like I can head home to Hen Felin for a short break, clean all those cobbwebbs out of the armor, and dive back into the worst love story I’ve ever helped out on.



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