Questing for Love in all the Wrong Places Part II


After I took a little break, let the Old Mill, and the hill in Hen Felin dry off my toes and put a nice fresh sent of home in my armor, I decided that I would delve back into my Quest to help the grand potentate of Ardoris and his Mrs. get back together. With all those aids and help, you think they might learn how to talk to each other. I’m not one to tell a guy, “Just say you’re sorry,” in everything, especially since there may be something to what she’s doing. Communication, that’s the key, but people are stubborn.

Anyway, off my High Horse. I wish I could knock the ectoplasmic residue off my boots and call this good, but Thanatos got me intrigued, and my guide is not telling me everything, so I’m going to play gust ball and see how this ends.

Open Scene, I end up in these lawless Ruins of an ancient City of Midras. I started searching the buildings, and luckily I recognized a friend in Drevh, who didn’t want to kill me, who saw an entrance to a basement or something. (Thank God he didn’t want to kill me, I don’t want to haunt his place in Storm’s Reach that much) So I head down, and check this place out. Glad I did, my Spirit Talker beat me there, seemed driven for some reason. (Dude needs a bath) I talk to some dead Warrior Gal and a dead Ambassador of her’s to hear that ancient epic betrayal went down, or at least tragedy. Wish I could help them be a little more resilient, but the dead are resilient in all the wrong ways. After getting the next clue, my Spirit Talker took off, to our next location, while I got curious and decided to delve deeper. Not going to lie, shit got weird. The skeletons and some familiar halls, but we got deeper, and there was a blood bath…literally, some weird cathedral and a council chamber.

Here’s the Map, good Luck:


Page 2:

Crypt of the Avata Pg2 V10



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