Making a Map

Good Morning folks!

Life has been pretty hectic the last couple months, but I have not stopped my adventuring nor my desire to make maps! I was waylaid in Shrekk by some friendly Kobolds and a well off family that had issues…sadly it ended in a heroic act that saved the area from more war, but then again, no more war.

While I had my head underground for so long, I heard of the Blood Bay! Such a great name and colorful at that! I made my way East and headed to this harsh island. Now for those of you who don’t know, I’m not just a pasty guy who never sees the sun. Some say I’m part mountain goat, because I love to climb. Blood Bay is a great place for climbing…and falling. I made it to the top of Respected Fellow Peak and took a load off. Some fine person had the same idea. Luckily he never got to the wine and cheese before passing on, and it aged quite nicely!

It wasn’t soon after that I found my way into the City of K’rul! Wow, these Kobolds are sure unfriendly and their clockwork pets and experiments need some training. Anyway, no sweet talking would help me with this crowd, so I do what I do best in these situations and skedaddle into a quiet corner to jot down my notes. I’m actually writing to you from there, got myself one of those clockwork ravens who can deliver my letters out without being harassed by the local fauna.

So, as map making goes, I have to take notes as I walk or run through a place. Luckily I have an assistant who follows behind as well, who helps me remember what I can’t. I try to make sure I take into account the twists and turns, but I don’t get it right the first time.

Here’s the map in progress:

For those who know, this is far from complete. It’s missing the city proper and K’ral passage as well, and the entry tunnels are a little off from reality. Since these guys have me on my toes, I’ve camped out a little and figured I’d send you all a note on my progress!

Luckily, I brought a small keg of ale so I should be able to finish this map before it’s all gone.




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