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Good Day fellow Adventurers!

I write to you today from Storm’s Reach! As part of lot placement I’ve established a small embassy there so that fellow town’s folk can have a place to stay if they find their way out to the western edge of the continent.

It’s taken me some time to relax after my recent adventures, the one thing people forget to remind you about adventuring is that even after you’re done, laundry is a reality of life. Since we’re still getting set up, I’ve been left to do my own for a time, and I’ll tell you what, spider webs, ectoplasmic residue, and slime doesn’t come out of clothes easily. Luckily, one of my neighbors, Drevh, is an up and coming blacksmith and provided me with a new set of Augmented Meteoric Plate Armor and Double Handed Sword. (I think I had some leftover water & fire elementals getting revenge by making the last set of armor smell like wet asparagus farts)

As I think about it, I’d like to give a special thanks to Drevh for the suit of armor, as well as for joining me in some of my work. Cartography can be a lonely and challenging work, and sometimes there are some obstacles you just can’t overcome on your own. So a good shoutout to Drevh for making these maps possible.

Etceter Crag Mines Update:


Spectral Mines Update:


The Kiln Cistern:


Midmaer Passage:


Quell Passage:




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