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Hello Again!

I’ve been working on a couple maps recently that have taken me some time to complete! Even the stalwart adventurer must take a break and go to distant lands and woo a maiden fair. But on my journey homeward I was able to complete Blackblade Pass. When Novia was still a fresh and new place for me, I had traveled the Pass quite frequently. That was when there was the portal from Owl’s Head strait to it. Now that the portal is on the fritz we must travel by foot. I was sure that I knew lay behind some rock walls, but to my happiness I was able to find some new areas that took me across the map! In my travels under Midmaer I also had the opportunity to update the Midmaer Passage Map. I figured I would publish it instead of waiting. So here they are!



Midmaer Passage v1.5

Midmaer Passage v1.5

Spero Gottskraft


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