Hen Felin wasn’t always called that, in fact, for the longest time, it didn’t really have a name. It began as a collection of farms that took advantage of the fertile soil in the region. The farmers were simple folk, who, focused on the land, and their families. As the number of farms began to grow, trades began to pop up to supply the village with what it needed. One entrepreneur, the second son of a farmer who had many good seasons, built a mill for the town so they might grind their wheat locally. That move proved well for the region, and in recognition of the village’s only real landmark, they named the area Felin, or Mill, using the original families old language. Soon after the completion of the mill, the irregular farmer’s moot, the irregular meeting of local families to deal with conflicts and area projects, developed into a primitive village council.

The village continued to grow, and the farmers, began cultivating a wild hop that produced a uniquely strong flavored beer. Soon the private brewing industry became public and the area became known for it’s beer more than it’s farming. The town’s folk even experimented in developing beers flavored with reagents, which have a small following in the magic users community. The Powers-That-Be began to take note and the village elders knew that they would have to find a way to protect the town from being taxed by a foreign lord. Luckily, one prominent family of the town, the Gottskraft family, who’s only claim to nobility was having been descended from a bastard son of a minor noble long ago, proved to be what they needed to protect the village. The Gottskraft family had a history of being resourceful and acting as reliable Ombudsmen, and they were able to negotiate and pin their claim on the region.

The town continued to grow, and the tradition of having a Village Council continued. The Council made most decisions for the town, one of the most prominent was the building of the town square. Additionally, they repaired, what then became known as the Old Mill. The Village then adopted that as their name, using the language of the original farmers. Throughout the years, the town has continued to grow, and brewing, among other trade, has made it a thriving crossroads village.

From time to time, there have been reckless bands of brigands, unscrupulous guilds, and the occasional wandering evil mage with delusions of grandeur that have attempted to take over the town, and using it’s brewing industry to fuel their petty schemes. If you head down to the Grinding Wheel, the local tavern, and talk to Silas McCabe, he may tell you a story or two…after you buy him a round or two of ale.

Release Notes

As of Release 13, Hen Felin is still in concept development. We plan on developing more interest within the community in many ways.

We are planning on generating more interest and conversations with interested citizens to help flesh out the town, its make up, layout and officers.

In further Releases we plan on continuing to develop the town, and build up a citizenry so that by Release of Chapter 1 of the game, we will have an established group of dedicated citizens that will form the core of the town.


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