Hen Felin is a simple village with limited government. Its traditional government in the form of a farmer’s moot was adapted as the town grew and the brewing and crafting industries boomed. The Gottskraft family still maintains leadership over the town, however much of the day to day issues are handled by appointed and elected citizens. The Village Council is the main representative body of the citizens and addresses much of the citizen’s concerns as well as advises the Mayor and Governor on town courses of action. As the town develops, additional rolls will be developed.

Governor’s Staff

Position Duty Description Current Office Holder
Governor Titular Authority and Leader of the Village. Serves the community as caretaker, spokesman, and final authority on town matters. Spero Gottskraft
Mayor Leads the town and organizes and oversees all areas. Appointed by the Governor. Represents Governor at all Village Council Meetings when not in attendance. *
Deputy Mayor Assists Mayor in the accomplishment of all duties and responsibilities. Appointed by the Governor. *
Scribe & Herald, Webmaster Manages web-based media. Appointed by the Governor, and able to appoint additional personnel to assist. Hugo Rybar
Ambassador Foster and maintain relations with specific towns and non-citizen guilds. Appointed by the Village Council, ratified by the Governor. *
Village Chaplain Religious advisor to the town leadership. Works with other faith’s representatives throughout New Britannia to foster good will and understanding. Appointed by the Governor. *

Village Council

Position Duty Description Current Office Holder
Council Chairman Leads the Village Council Meetings, as an elected representative of the citizens. Selected from among the Village Council Members. Voting Member of the Council. (1) *
Council Member Elected Representative of the citizens. Elections will occur by neighborhood/borough. Voting Member of the Council. (2) *
Economic Advisor Represents the Trade Organizations within the village. Develop and nurture trade alliances and markets village industries throughout New Britannia, and coordinates the planning, developing and marketing of trade events. Advises the Village Council on all aspects of village commerce. Elected by the Trade & Guild Masters. Voting Member of the Village Council (1) *

Economic Leadership

Position Duty Description Current Office Holder
Trade Masters Trade Masters are defined as the representative of a specific trade within the town. Are elected by the members of that specific crafting/trade community. Has one vote to elect the Economic Advisor. *
Guild Masters Guild Masters are defined as crafting guilds as they develop w/in the town. Has one vote to elect the Economic Advisor. Trade Guilds are regulated by the Village Council. *

Judicial Leadership

Position Duty Description Current Office Holder
Chief Ombudsman Judges civil disputes and render’s verdicts for cross neighborhood/borough disputes. Elected by Village Council from existing Ombudsmen. Replacement elections will be required (1) *
Ombudsmen Judges civil disputes and render verdicts w/in their borough. Elected by neighborhood/borough (3) *

Village Militia

Position Duty Description Current Office Holder
Commander of Militia The Commander of Militia is appointed by the Governor and approved by the Village Council. The Commander is responsible for ensuring the town is protected at all times, and is responsible for organizing, training and equipping the town militia. Reports to Village Council in times of peace on status of militia, and makes requests for funding and supplies. During times of war, the Commander takes charge of the defense of the town, superseded only by the Governor. *
Borough Lieutenants Borough Lieutenants are appointed by the Commander and approved by the Village Council. They are responsible for ensuring all Citizen-at-Arms are organized, trained, and equipped to protect the town. (3) *


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